Beyond Conference | BE BRAVE IN 2019
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It Will Change Your Life


What Is Beyond

Something For The Men And Something For The Women
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Are there things in life you fear? Are there opportunities you wish you had said yes to?  Most of us find ourselves stuck in a box because of fear, failure and disappointment and as a result, we start to live smaller lives.  Imagine you were brave enough to take a step of faith and dare to say yes to the impossible…


The good news is, YOU CAN. God already placed everything you need within. He dreams the impossible with you.  He wants you to have a life filled with purpose. A courageous life. A life – where you are Brave.  This year’s conference theme is “BEYOND BRAVE”.


We will focus on how to be brave in life, at your workplace and in your relationships. There will be amazing speakers and panels with real people, telling real stories about being Brave.


So go ahead, be Brave, and get your ticket today.

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+27 21 979 2803